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Why Stampede at Hajj Occurs During Stone Throwing Ritual?

Notwithstanding the tragic crane crash early this month, another stampede today left 220 pilgrims killed at the “Stoning of the Devil” or “ramī aj-jamarāt” ritual on the last day of Muslim pilgrimage Hajj 2015 on Thursday, which coincided with Eid al-adah festival too. The “stoning of the Devil” with jamarāt or pebbles is part of the annual Islamic Hajj pilgrimage ...

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Sabarimala pilgrims witness ‘celestial light’ Wednesday, Visit Ayyappa Temple

Lakhs of pilgrims in Sabarimala on Wednesday witnessed the “celestial light” and went delirious with joy amid chantings of “Swamiye Ayyappa, Saranam Ayyappa”, which reverberated all round the temple town in Kerala. The major event of the pilgrimage is witnessing the “Celestial Light” and lakhs of pilgrims waited for hours to witness the celestial event on this auspicious day. The ...

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