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Is Airtel Snooping on User Browser with Flash Networks Detective Code?

In a major shock to the Airtel Broadband users, a programmer in Bangalore tweeted saying that the TSP or service provider is inserting a code into their browsing sessions of 3G network secretly. Thejesh GN, the Bangalore-based programmer also said Airtel has partnered with Ericsson and injecting the Flash Networks code into the browsing web pages and confirmed via GitHub ...

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Chinese Hackers Spying on India, Nepal, Others Since 2005, Reveals IT Security Firm FireEye

FireEye, a California-based IT security agency on advanced cyber attacks, released its latest intelligence report that said China government’s cyber espionage program transcended Himalays to Nepal, India and even Vietnam in Southeast Asia. Titled “APT 30 and the Mechanics of a Long-Running Cyber Espionage Operation”, the report on advanced persistent threat (APT) group said hackers, most likely sponsored by the ...

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Is Mysterious Russian Object Orbiting in Space a ‘Satellite Killer’ ?

NASA and European Space agency have recently tracked a mysterious Russian object in space, reviving fears of a defunct Kremlin project to destroy satellites, the Financial Times reported. Object 2014-28E – classified as an effort to collect space debris by the Russian military – has ignited speculation as Russia did not declare its launch and the object is not merely ...

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