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Super-fast Internet Speed Achieved at 12000km by UC Engineers

University of California engineers have achieved a dream time super fast Internet speed of 12000 km via fibre optic cables, revolutionizing the future of Internet. Photonics researchers at the University of California, San Diego have increased the maximum power of signal to be sent and thus reduce the distance through optical fibers, which provide the data transmission for the internet, ...

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Japan’s Magnetic Elevated Train Hits 603-km Milestone, Cost Just Prohibitive for India!

Japan’s dabbling with the Maglev train took a dramatic turn after 3 decades of research hitting the 600-km (373 miles per hour) mark on Tuesday, bringing cheers to Japan to showcase its new technology for sale in global market, including India. The seven-car Maglev or magnetic levitation train clocked 603 km for 11 seconds, compared to 590 km record set ...

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