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Israeli Experts Develop Robot That Can Swim, Crawl and Climb (VIDEO)

For over 90 years, researchers all ver the world have been trying to develop a wave movement-based system and finally Israeli scientists from Ben-Gurion University of the Negev succeeded in developing one that is unique, energy efficient and scalable. The first Single Actuator Wave-like Robot (SAW) that produces a pure wave motion using a single motor has been developed for ...

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Modi Congratulates DRDO Team over Agni-V 5000-km Range Missile Testfire

India’s DRDO said the nuclear capable Agni-V missile that can reach a target of over 5,000-km was successfully tested on Saturday, making another move towards flexible launch of nuclear-capable missiles from anywhere in the country. PM Narendra Modi immediately congratulated the team. The Agni-V missile is a long-range range missile measuring 17 metres long and 2 metres wide with a ...

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Flying Car Fantasy: Rival to terrafugia TF-X to be Displayed at Vienna Festival on Oct 29

Flying car that can be used by ordinary middle-class travellers is no longer a fantasy as Massachusetts-based Terrafugia is readying its flying car for sale in 2015 for $300,000 that can travel for 500 miles. Not leaving the race is a newcomer — Austria-based firm Slovakia Aeromobil that will display its proto-type “Flying Roadster” at the upcoming Pioneers Festival in ...

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