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Will Bitcoin Bailout Greece Out of Crisis? Not Likely

The impending referendum on Sunday in Greek is expected to go against the government’s nod to accept the IMF terms for another row of austerity measures in lieu of a new bailout, spelling the term "EXIT" louder than ever. While Athens is burning, there are proponents of Bitcoin, the cryptocurrency, who are betting high on its appreciation by four times ...

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6 Reasons Why ‘Prince William Gives Up British Throne’ Story is Ridiculous, a Hoax

First it was Globe magazine which began the speculative story on Prince William “giving up the throne” despite Queen Elizabeth’s request, and then it was picked up and highlighted as if true by gullible other global media hoodwinking millions of fans of Kate Middleton, just to increase their readership. Soon another collider in the speculative stories picks up, adds value ...

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