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Rare Metal Hydrogen Disappears from Harvard Lab or Evaporates?

Microscopic images of the stages in the creation of atomic molecular hydrogen: Transparent molecular hydrogen (left) at about 200 GPa, which is converted into black molecular hydrogen, and finally reflective atomic metallic hydrogen at 495 GPa. Courtesy of Isaac Silvera

Harvard researchers claimed last month that they had managed to create metallic hydrogen that has the capability to superconduct electricity at room temperature without resistance in a process that used massive amounts of pressure and a diamond vice. Stored at minus 193 degree celsius, the sample mysteriously disappeared, leaving researchers wonder whether it just evaporated. But they are determined to ...

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Women Astronauts More Susceptible to Health Hazardous then Men, says NASA Study

In a gender-specific finding, a NASA study has revealed that women are more susceptible to physiological, psychological and behavioural changes that occur during spaceflight. The report stated that women have greater loss of blood plasma volume than men during spaceflight and women’s stress response characteristically includes a heart rate increase while men respond with an increase in vascular resistance (resistance ...

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