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Women Astronauts More Susceptible to Health Hazardous then Men, says NASA Study

In a gender-specific finding, a NASA study has revealed that women are more susceptible to physiological, psychological and behavioural changes that occur during spaceflight. The report stated that women have greater loss of blood plasma volume than men during spaceflight and women’s stress response characteristically includes a heart rate increase while men respond with an increase in vascular resistance (resistance ...

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NASA to Unveil Today Orion Spacecraft Ahead of First Test Flight on Dec. 4

NASA’s Orion spacecraft is all set to be revealed to the world on Monday in the space agency’s first step towards sending humans to deep space, ahead of its planned first test flight on December 4. Technicians have put the finishing touches to Orion’s crew module, marking the conclusion of NASA’s efforts to build and prepare the vehicle for its ...

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