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MERS Outbreak: Samsung Hospital Offers Apology as South Korea Gears up with $9 Billion

South Korea is buckling under MERS pressure with four more cases reported on Wednesday, fearing the imminent outbreak at the crossroads, departing from its last week stand that the disease has ceased to spread. Fearing an outbreak, the government has set aside an emergency budget of 10 trillion won ($9 billion) and extended the partial shutdown of Samsung Medical Center ...

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Ice Crater or Alien City? Ceres Bright Spots Puzzling Still as Dawn Moves Closer (Photos, Video)

Astro-physicists have been waiting for months to unravel the mystery of bright lights on asteroid Ceres and the Dawn spacecraft that is inching closer to its surface is still far from resolving puzzle. Located between Mars and Jupiter, Ceres has its visitor from Earth, NASA’s dawn mission to take the first glimpse and send pictures of the dwarf planet. While ...

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AAP Faces Centre’s Ire? IT Notice Slapped

The directorate of income tax (investigation) has duly issued a notice to the Aam Aadmi Party to show receipts f funds from 4 fake companies and the party was asked to give a reply before February 16. The notice follows complaint from the AAP Volunteers Action Munch (AVAM), erstwhile members who turned hostile to the party. AAP maintained that other ...

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