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Cavity Forming Behind Knuckle-Cracking Sound: Study

Finding a reason behind the centuries-old common practice of knuckle cracking and the sound it give out, researchers said it was due to quick cavity formation between the joints that gives out the sound. Scientists have debated the cause of joint cracking for decades, dating back to 1947 when British researchers first theorised vapour bubble formation as the cause. but ...

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Cockroach ‘biobots’ to find survivors in collapsed buildings via sound

Researchers have developed new cyborg cockroaches or "biobots" to pick up sounds with small microphones and seek out the source of the sound, which can help emergency personnel find and rescue survivors in collapsed buildings in the aftermath of an earthquake or disaster. "The goal is to use the ‘biobots’ with high-resolution microphones to differentiate between sounds that matter – ...

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Take Care of Scared Pets on Diwali : Some Tips

One of the most common and perhaps the cruelest sights during Diwali is a frightened dog running blindly on the road, terrified of the loud noise coming from the firecracker strip tied to his tail by mischievous children. This scene might provide entertainment to many children, who would giggle and clap at the helpless mute creature, but in reality the ...

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