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Sticky protein may lead to novel treatment for Parkinson’s

Researchers have found a way to potentially slow the progress of Parkinson’s disease, if not cure it, with a peptide that sticks to the protein that causes the incurable disease. In Parkinson’s disease, a protein called I-synuclein loses shape and stacks together to form long toxic fibrils to kill the brain cells. The new peptide designed by the researchers binds ...

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‘Happy New Year’ Box Office Collections Cross Rs.230.85 Crore in 4 Days But Fall by 50% on 5th day

Shah Rukh Khan’s ‘Happy New Year’, riding on a box office collection that crossed Rs.200 crore and racing towards Rs.300 crore this weekend, has been roaring with success that the HNY team came together to release another dance to the song “Sharabi” that went viral but removed alter on allegations of copyrights violation. With virtually no competition in Bollywood to ...

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