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Marijuana, Without THC, Helps Treat Epilepsy: New Study

A study by NYU Langone Medical Center studied the impact of a medicine made from marijuana after removing its hallucinogenic ingredient THC and found it effective in bringing down epilepsy seizures among children. The medicine called Epidiolex, contains a liquid form of cannabidiol, one of marijuana’s more than 100 ingredients. It doesn’t contain THC, the hallucinogenic ingredient found in marijuana ...

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Top 6 Mantras to Keep Diabetes Far Away From You


Are you sure that your blood sugar is in control? There are about 8.1 million diabetes cases which go undiagnosed every year. Joy Bauer, a nutrition expert, has suggested to start with incorporating some of the simple lifestyle changes, like monitoring blood glucose levels, taking medication as directed by doctors, maintaining a healthy weight, aiming for at least 30 minutes ...

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Sleeping in Afternoon Brings Down Blood Pressure but Beware of Diabetes Risk

Sleeping in the afternoons or taking a nap after lunch helps reduce blood pressure and beneficial to keep cardiovascular diseases under control, said a new study by Greek scientists. In a paper presented at the European Society of Cardiology conference in London, the new data supported afternoon naps for people to control blood pressure and live a healthy life. Dr ...

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Less Sleep Increases Blood Pressure in Night: Study

Those who suffer from sleep deprivation continuously may encounter increased night time blood pressure, facing heart attacks during the nights, says new research. “For the first time, we demonstrated that insufficient sleep causes increases in night time blood pressure and dampens nocturnal blood pressure dipping,” said lead author Naima Covassin from Mayo Clinic in the US. The study was based ...

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