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‘Blue Moon’ to be Seen Today

July 31 will see a rarity as the second full moon of the month will occur today. Observing the east will help one take a look of the full moon that will rise at 6.43 pm. Nevertheless, the Planetary Society of India informed that the moon will grasp its entirely illuminated stage at 4.13 pm only. Keeping in mind the ...

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NASA captures fireball on Pittsburgh! What’s it?

NASA cameras last night captured a very bright meteor at the Allegheny Observatory near Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania and the fireball was visible all over New York, Ohio and Pennsylvania around 4:45 am on Tuesday. Here’s a video released by the space agency, which shows a NASA camera located at Allegheny Observatory near Pittsburg, PA and two other cameras located at Hiram ...

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NASA’s Cassini Captures Titan Shorelines, Channels in Close Flyby

NASA’s Cassini spacecraft has captured the surface of Titan’s north polar seas in this near-infrared, color mosaic picture. The mirror-like reflection is in the south of Titan’s largest sea, Kraken mare. Taken on Aug. 21, 2014, the picture was released by NASA now. Cassini’s radar uses its synthetic aperture radar (SAR) mode to obtain images of Titan’s seas in order to ...

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