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54 Million Years Old Primate Bones in Gujarat Reiterate Mysterious, Isolated Gondwanaland Puzzle

A cache of ancient bones, exquisitely preserved, were found in a left-over coal mine in Gujarat, which appear to be the most primitive primate bones yet discovered, according to an analysis led by researchers from the Johns Hopkins University and Des Moines University. More than that, the Gujarat primates date back to a time when what is now India was ...

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54 Million Years Old Fossils Found, Solve Age-Old Riddles, Establish India was Once Isolated Gondwana Island

Some newly discovered fossils of the horse, the rhino and the tapir led researchers to solve age-old riddles concerning the common ancestor for the these animals. More than that the fossils reiterate the contention that India, ancient Gondwana island, was once separated from the mainland. The animals group likely to have originated on the subcontinent when it was still an ...

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