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Microwaving Mushrooms Bolster Antioxidants: Study Shows

Grilled and microwaved mushrooms lose barely any nutritional properties. CREDIT SINC

The most mushrooms are commonly cooked before being consumed but scientists from Mushroom Technological Research Center of La Rioja (CTICH) studied different cooking methods like boiling, microwaving, grilling and frying and found out that the second one is the best in terms of proximate composition and antioxidant capacity of most cultivated mushrooms worldwide. Next comes grilling. Mushrooms are have a ...

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Four-in-One Quadpill Found, Termed Magic Pill to Treat BP

British researchers have combined four blood pressure drugs into one pill and the small pilot clinical trial showed normalcy restored in patients within one month, making it a magic pill that has high potential. In their study, they administered the four-in-one ‘quadpill’ on every patient and the results within a month showed their blood pressure drop to healthy levels of ...

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Rosemary Oil Enhances Brain’s Memory Power: Study

Rosemary essential oil and its aroma could help improve memory power of the brain in elderly people, according to a new study by Lauren Bussey of Northumbria University. This finding reiterates similar study by Japanese reerchers last year on rosemary’s effective therapeutic powers for an aging brain. In the new study, prospective memory, involving the ability to remember events and ...

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Coffee or Tea? Coffee too is Good for Your Heart!

A new study has found that there is no relation between drinking coffee and an increased risk of atrial fibrillation, according to research published in the open access journal BMC Medicine. The research includes a meta-analysis of four other studies, making it the largest study its kind, involving nearly 250,000 individuals over the course of 12 years to investigate a ...

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US Study Finds Link to Rise in Kidney Cases to Additive Food Phosphates

Phosphates artificially added to packed dairy and cereal products lead to spike in blood phosphorus levels than naturally occurring phosphates, affecting kidneys and stiffening blood vessels, among other related complications, said a study by Houston Methodist researchers. “The Institute of Medicine recommends 700 milligrams of phosphate per day and we think that’s a good number. What we were seeing in ...

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Coffee or tea? Which One is Better Healthwise?

A recent study has shown that people consuming three to five cups of coffee a day have the lowest risk of clogged arteries and heart attacks. The latest finding was by the Kangbuk Samsung Hospital, Seoul in South Korea, which examined the link between coffee consumption and the presence of coronary artery calcium (CAC) which is an early indicator of coronary ...

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