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Independence Day 2015: Top 10 Patriotic Movies

It was after a hard fought battle that 69 years before India accomplished its well-deserved independence from the British. Since then many laws have been created while more than that have been broken. A series of epic changes have come into existence while more and more are waiting to be put into action. The definition or more precisely the feeling ...

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Super Nani Movie Reviews Roundup: 70s Film Begets Old-style Movie Reviews

Indian Express Movie Review: ‘Super Nani there is nothing to see’ Taking a dig at Rekha-centric old values film, the reviewer castigates the anomalies like husband-bound old lady who tries to bring reason into the family that is going berserk. “Rekha, still sultry at sixty plus, the star vehicle around which the film is constructed. As Bharati Bhatia, she plays ...

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