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Neanderthals Mated Modern Humans Much Earlier Than Previously Thought: Shows DNA Analysis

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(Video Credit: COLD SPRING HARBOR LABORATORY) Based on DNA analysis, an international research team has found strong evidence of an interbreeding event between Neanderthals and modern humans that occurred 100,000 years ago, almost 50,000 years earlier than what anthropologists previously thought. The scientists provided the first genetic evidence of a scenario in which early modern humans left the African continent ...

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Want to Improve Your Sperm Quality? Try Having Casual Sex: Study

Man produce healthier and better sperm in a shorter amount of time during an encounter with unfamiliar sexual partners according to a new study. According to an interesting research Men who sleep with a variety of different partners produce better quality sperm and more promiscuous men reach orgasm faster. Also read: Xiaomi’s First ‘Made in India’ Smartphone Redmi 2 Prime Launched ...

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More sex by partners is good for offsprings to live disease-free life: Study

New research shows that the more we have sex, the better it is for offsprings as they could inherit the genes and avoid bad genetic mutations leading to less chances of developing diseases in offspring over time. Canadian researchers from the University of Montreal and the Sainte-Justine University Hospital Research Centre have revealed how humans pass on genetic material to ...

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