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Top Snapchat Celebrities to Follow: A Glance

Snapchat has gained popularity with many celebrities embracing over Twitter or facebook that named worth reckoning are there in it. The Snapchat app allows users to share videos, photos and messages which appear for a while and disappear within seconds after taking a glance at them removing them from the cyberspace so nobody can misuse with the images later. After ...

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How more than 1600 space applications revolutionised our lives?

From home-based BP machines to camera pixels to hi-fi MRI and CAT scans, more than 1,600 applications originally developed for space applications have made their way into our daily lives revolutionising our life-style, said ISRO chief A.S. Kiran Kumar. He said most of these innovations do not come from a single new technology but come from an existing technology that ...

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Self-revealing? Beware of selfie videos as they reveal your mental health too!

Researchers have developed a computer-based app that can analyse selfie videos as the person engages with social media and monitor sender’s mental health and the┬ádevice “quietly observes sender’s behaviour” while using the computer or phone. It does not require the user to explicitly state what he or she is feeling, input any extra information or wear any special gear. For ...

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