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10 Interesting Facts about Bahubali: From Marriage Postponed to Inventing a New Language

bahubali 2

Now that SS Rajamouli’s film “Baahubali” has become an all-time hit not merely in Telugu but in Indian history, the director’s name is heard everywhere with little focus on the cast. Otherwise, the film has more facts to list than mere names of actors and directors. It was a relentless hardwork coupled with devotion and deprivation of many ‘ordinary’ things ...

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How Facebook Knows Your Secrets Better Than Your Friends, if Not Spouse ?

Researchers from Cambridge University and Stanford University have come up with a new software that can reveal your personality better and clearly than your friends by analysing posts that you “like” on Facebook. The software based on mining Facebook “likes”, shows the computer model can predict a person’s personality better than close friends and family, the only exception being one’s ...

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7 Business Survival Tips You Can Apply to Life and Longevity

Within the first five years of a small-business venture, about half do not survive, according to the US government’s Small Business Administration. And after 10 years, only a third are still around. “Successful entrepreneurship hits the bull’s eye of the American dream, but most simply do not make it,” says veteran Texas businessman David M. Smith, author of “The Texas ...

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