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Ohio Researchers Develop First Aqueous Solar Flow Battery that Saves 20% Energy, Hope 80% Next

Ohio researchers, who are leading in solar cell research, have come out with patent-pending design that clubs together a battery and a solar cell into one device, achieving 20 percent energy saving over lithium iodine batteries. Their design consists of a solid solar panel sheet instead of a mesh and it uses a water-based electrolyte inside the battery. The saving ...

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Broadband to Wideband: What it Means?

Move over, decade-old broadband, here comes wideband, if the revolutionary speed of sending data via fiber optic cables at 12,000 kilometers speed becomes a reality soon, which is sure to be in a couple of years from now. University of California, San Diego engineers have increased the maximum power of signal to be sent through optical fibers, which provide the ...

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