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Interesting Lesser Known Facts About Independence Day

As India gears up to celebrate its 69th Independence Day here are some interesting lesser know facts about Independence Day: 1) Before granting Independence it was Lord Mountbatten who pushed for the partition India into India and Pakistan. 2) Indian Muslims were well spread minority in India, initially people were quite united. Gandhi headed many movements and Muslims rallied behind ...

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‘Satyam, Shivam, Sundaram’ – With Satya Nadella and Sundaram Pichai In, Who’ll Fill the Gap of Shivam Now?

Satyam, Shivam, Sundaram – the mystic trinity in Hinduism, which reflects satyam, the truth; shivam, the divine; and sundram, the beauty. We have seen truth and beauty ascending the tech world when Microsoft chose Indian-origin techie Satya Nadella as its CEO last year and Google announcing Sundaram Pichai as the new CEO, while the world is waiting in the wings for a possible “Shiv”. ...

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Amartya Sen Praises Ancient India’s Knowledge of Maths Shared with Babylon, Greece, Rome

The greatness of ancient Indian knowledge has been kept alive with Nobel Laureaute and economist Amartya sen too joining the chorus to point out that ancient mathematical models were shared by Indians with Babylon, Greek and Roman scholars. “The Indian mathematicians learned something from Babylonians, Greeks and Romans. They also passed some brilliant new ideas to mathematicians elsewhere in the ...

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