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Safe Landing Drone in Emergency is All That Matters Now: Researchers

Amid reports and fears of using drones, new safety measures have come under radar and the University of Zurich team under Prof. Davide Scaramuzza, has developed a system to answer all safety concerns. The prblems faced by drones could be running out of power, crash land requirement, finding safe-landing spot, executing safe-landing procedure, among others. Moreover, potential crash landing situations ...

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Ebola Death in US Triggers Nation-wide Alert; World Wakes up to Outbreak Possibility

Soon after the news of the death of Thomas Eric Duncan, the first person diagnosed with Ebola in the United States on Wednesday reached the public, creating nationwide alert about the impending spread of the disease, with an incubation period from time of infection to symptoms varying between 2 to 21 days. America’s five busiest airports — New York’s JFK, ...

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