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‘Bahubali – The Conclusion’ Storyline Leaked, Here’s its Conclusion (Spoiler)

bahubali 2

In a convincing narration, a video in Telugu released online has been making rounds revealing the entire story of Bahubali-2 or Bahubali – The Conclusion, which is a sequel to all-India hit Bahubali last year. The video that has some pictures showcasing the actors and begins with several questions left open in Bahubali – The Beginning“. – Why did Kattappa back-stab ...

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Mars Radiation to Impact Earth Tonight? Hoax Message Going Viral on Mobiles

An unconfirmed WhatsApp Message is making rounds on mobiles that tonight, August 28, 2015 will witness Mars moving closer to Earth and its rays will be direct and nearer than usual. The widely circulated message says, “NASA warns all mobile users to keep phones away while sleeping tonight between 12:30 AM to 3:30 am IST.” The message further reads that ...

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Why Vijay is Seen with Modern Hair Style in Puli?

  After some leaks of about 18-minute film footage of “Puli” on Internet, the story line of Puli is getting widely circulated and as expected, it is more on the lines of ‘Magadheera’ and not ‘Baahubali’. The official teaser and the trailer that followed the so-called ‘LEAK’ of footage gave enough indication that the sotryline is more about a modern-day ...

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No Asteroid Threatening Earth, Says NASA Brushing Aside Doomsday Predictions, Rumors

Amid uproar and doomsday prediction in many blog posts and web world claiming that an asteroid will impact Earth, causing wanton destruction, sometime between September 15 and Sept 28, 2015, NASA has clarified that it was a baseless rumor. According to NASA scientists, there is not even one single evidence that an asteroid or any celestial object will impact Earth ...

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Moto G (Gen 3) Leaked Briefly on Flipkart, May Hit Markets Soon

Motorola will soon release its third generation Moto G smartphone, going by Flipkart listing, which was detected by GadgetRaid, though the Flipkart has removed it later. Flipkart is an exclusive partner of Motorola in India and the rumours are confirmed now about the possibility of a third generation Moto G. According to GadgetRaid, the handset would be available in white ...

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