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SAVI Laser Camera to Replace Long Lenses to Capture Distant Photography: Indian Origin US Scientist

Two US university labs have developed a unique camera that can ditch the long lenses ore even telescopes to capture distant images, using holography technique called SAVI. It employs a single beam, multiple images and sophisticated software to capture detailed images from a distance. The technique stands for ‘Synthetic Apertures for long-range, subdiffraction-limited Visible Imaging’ and it uses coherent light ...

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Venus Just Missed Hosting Life Like Earth?

If conditions had been just a little different an eon ago, there might be plentiful life on Venus and none on Earth, according to a hypothesis by Rice University scientists. The researchers maintain that minor evolutionary changes could have altered the fates of both Earth and Venus in ways that scientists may soon be able to model through observation of ...

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Cheap, Efficient Metal-Based Solar Cells May Soon Be Available

Scientists from Rice University, via a path-breaking research discovered a new way, which solar-panel designers could utilize to include light-seizing nanomaterials into future designs. Bob Zheng who is a graduate of Rice’s Laboratory for Nanophotonics (LANP) and Alejandro Manjayacas who is a postdoctoral research associate, fostered a procedure that solar-engineers could utilize to establish the electricity-manufacturing capability for any arrangement ...

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