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Did you know you can pass your anxiety on to your child? A new study finds out how.

Photo Credit: amenclinicsphotos ac Wonder how your kids show the same signs of anxiety as you? A new study has found the answer. It says that anxious parents are more probable in passing their anxiety on to their off springs. Researchers from the Department of Psychiatry and the Health Emotions Research Institute at the University of Wisconsin performed a study on ...

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AIDS Vaccine Found? Drug eCD4-lg Proves Successful in Monkeys

Scientists have successfully conducted trials on monkeys a drug that can block AIDS virus strain Hiv1 and HIV2. The promising results obtained by scientists at the Scripps Research Institute in Florida, Harvard Medical School and about dozen more institutes, shows that the new drug candidate tested on rhesus macaques, or monkeys which can carry simian HIV virus that is similar ...

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