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How Lung Cancer Spreads Caught Under Microscope Vividly by UK Researchers

Cancer researchers of UK have made a breakthrough recently when they discovered from microscopic images that the protein ties tethering cells together are severed in lung cancer cells, which means they can break loose and spread lung cancer. A research study published in Cell Reports said these cells break loose and spread around the body, lung cancer cells first chop ...

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Kaley Cuoco, the star of ‘Big Bang Theory’ Denies Rumors of Divorce with Ryan Sweeting

Kaley Cuoco, the star of “Big Bang Theory” has for umpteenth time brushed aside rumors of divorce with her husband and tennis player Ryan Sweeting with an instant photo on Instagram, just weeks after their appearance at the dedication of her star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame in LA on October 29 where he kissed her. Kpopstarz has described ...

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