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NASA’s Mars Orbiter in Hiatus After Computer Swap

NASA’s Mars Reconnaissance Orbiter, observing the surface of Mars since 2006, made an unplanned switch on Wednesday from one main computer to another redundant one onboard, affecting few functions for several weeks, said NASA. The hiatus in planned activities due to the computer swap is expected for a few days, affecting communication relays and science observations. In the past too, ...

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UCLA scientists who ‘eliminated’ traumatic memories now say restoring lost memory possible

Prof David Glanzman of the University of Calinfornia, Los Angeles who had successfully “eliminated” traumatci memories of veterans of war, rape victims and other people who have seen horrific crimes in 2011 has been in news this time for restoration of lost memories in Alzhemer’s patients. Glanzman, a cellular neuroscientist, and his colleagues discovered that the long-term memory for sensitization ...

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