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Rajasthan Exceeds Delhi Swine Flu Deaths with 7

Rajasthan has reported 7 deaths of swine flu and 19 reported case, more than Delhi record of 6 deaths so far, indicating the outbreak is spreading fast into neighbouring states of the national capital. The deaths have been reported from Banswara, Barmer, Tonk, Kota and Jaipur areas, while the positive cases have been reported from Jaipur, Sikar, Tonk, Kota among ...

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After Delhi, Odisha on Swine Flu Alert as first case reported

After five deaths in Delhi, the Odisha government is on alert against swine flu, H1N1 virus, after a middle-aged man tested positive. “We have asked all the district medical officers and medical colleges to take precautionary measures to counter the seasonal disease. Even though it would not be an outbreak-like situation, we have directed them to be alert,” said Public ...

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Obesity-Linked Cancer, More in Women than Men, More in Rich Countries: Study

one fifth of India will be obese by 2025, says study.

While obesity is attributed as a major cause of cancer in a new study conducted by scientists, it also noted that major problem is for women, especially those in their menopausal stage, than men, and visibly more in developed countries. The scientists have discovered that obesity leads to around 481,000 new cancer cases per year in adults, which is 3.6 ...

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