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Google launches new email service ‘Inbox’: New Specs Make Life Easier

Google Inc has always been on a mission to make your life easier, and with the launch of its latest app, Inbox, it surpasses another milestone. Inbox is not a replacement for its principal mailing application; rather it makes your emailing experience uncomplicated. The new application was released on Wednesday on an invite-only basis and comes with a tagline ‘an ...

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Apple to release iOS 5 with 200+ new features for iPad, iPhone, or iPod touch

Apple has finally released more than 200 new features for iPad, iPhone, or iPod touch. Here are some major features: Notification Center As the name suggests, you get all notifications on your iOS device: new email, texts, and friend requests. Just swipe down from the top of any screen to enter Notification Center. Choose which notifications you want to see. ...

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