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ISRO Successfully Conducts Rehearsal Test for GSLV Mark III

ISRO has conducted launch rehearsal of the country’s heaviest launch vehicle GSLV Mark III, today ahead of the scheduled launch on December 18. “The nine hour 30 minutes launch rehearsal of ISRO LVM3 has just been successfully completed,” ISRO said on its Facebook page. The 630-tonne rocket will be powered by liquid and solid fuel engines while the cryogenic stage/engine ...

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WATCH: 3D-printed Music Instruments Help Band Rehearse First Time

The first live concert with a band consisting only of 3D-printed instruments has taken place at Lund University in Sweden. The band included a drum, keyboard and two guitars, all 3D-printed by Lund University professor Olaf Diegel. The band members were students at Lund University’s Malmö Academy of Music. ”3D printing allows me to make complex shapes that are impossible ...

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