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Alcohol Wards Off Early Death in Alzheimer’s Patients, Say Puzzled Danish Researchers

In a strange result from a study, consumption of alcohol was found to have warded off an early death in some patients of Alzheimer’s disease, making experts speculate on possible reason behind it. The finding was that moderate drinking was linked to a lower risk of dying from heartattack or stroke, while past research has thrown sufficient light on possible ...

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Canada Doctors Break Brain-Blood Barrier to Treat Tumour with Huge Potential Ahead

It is now common knowledge that brain has no blood stream and no sensors of pain, making it easy to open-brain surgeries but at the same time the blood-brain barrier (BBB) prevents delivery of crucial therapies to treat brain tumours. However, in a first of its kind, Sunnybrook scientists made history when they used ultrasound to non-invasively breach the blood-brain ...

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