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Protein-rich breakfast can control sugar level in diabetics: Experts

One good breakfast in the morning filled with protein containing 25 to 30 grams daily can help reduce sugar sparks in Type-2 diabetes patients, revealed a new study. Type-2 diabetes affects individuals who cannot control or regulate glucose, or blood-sugar levels, particularly after taking their meals. “The first meal of the day is critical in maintaining glycemic control at later ...

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Coca Cola Now Sells Milk ‘Fairlife’ as Soda Taxes Mount Pressure on Profit Margins

Coca-Cola, got Coke, Thums Up, but now eyeing milk. To be launched soon as Fairlife, a new, premium milk product priced almost double the Coke’s standard price, will hit freezers in all corner shops. Coca-Cola claims that the drink has been through “a proprietary milk filtering process” with 50% more proteins than Coke and decreased sugar content by 30%, will ...

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Over-eating proteins may trigger schizophrenia, says study

Anything beyond reasonable limits results in inevitable side-effects and now too much of protein in the brain cells during brain development may cause abnormalities in its structure and lead to schizophrenia, says a study. The protein called NOS1AP, if present in abundance, resulted in the dendrites – tree-like structures that allow cells to talk to each other and are essential to ...

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