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Protein to Control Paralysis Discovered

A parasite that causes schistosomiasis, center, shown in the tissue of its host snail.(OSU)

A naturally occurring protein has been discovered that shows promise as a biocontrol weapon against schistosomiasis, one of the world’s most prevalent parasitic diseases, Oregon State University researchers reported today in a new study. Schistosomiasis is transmitted via flatworms shed by the freshwater snails that serve as the parasite’s non-human host. It’s a potentially life-threatening illness that affects more than ...

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Sleeplessness is the Missing Link to Alzheimer’s Disease: UC Study

Scientists from the University of Columbia, Berkeley believe that sleeplessness leads to memory loss as a deficit of the deep, restorative slumber needed to hit the save button on memories in turn leads to the beta-amyloid protein to trigger Alzheimer’s disease. “Our findings reveal a new pathway through which Alzheimer’s disease may cause memory decline later in life,” said UCB’s ...

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Sticky protein may lead to novel treatment for Parkinson’s

Researchers have found a way to potentially slow the progress of Parkinson’s disease, if not cure it, with a peptide that sticks to the protein that causes the incurable disease. In Parkinson’s disease, a protein called I-synuclein loses shape and stacks together to form long toxic fibrils to kill the brain cells. The new peptide designed by the researchers binds ...

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Protein Behind Alcoholism, Alcohol-Induced Heart, Liver Damage Identified

If there is a drug that can contain craving for alcohol, it would be a hit overnight throughout the world. That is precisely what Iowa University researchers are trying to discover and they are halfway through recently identifying the protein that causes the craving for alcohol called RGS6 (regulator of G protein that sends signals). The gene RGS6 also acts ...

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Indian-Origin Scientists Isolate ‘Smart’ Protein from Nerve Cells, with Huge Future Potential

Sanjay Kumar, an Indian-origin scientist, has succeeded to isolate “smart” material from the protein taken from nerve cells that would usher in a new era into making biological sensors, flow valves and controlled drug release systems. "We created a new class of smart, protein-based materials whose structural principles are inspired by networks found in living cells," said Sanjay Kumar of ...

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