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Selenium found in garlic, broccoli may speed up cancer recovery: New study

Researcher have found that garlic and broccoli help improving treatment against cancers, especially melanoma and prostate cancer by slowing down the body immune system’s over-response. The team from the University of Copenhagen have found that selenium, naturally found in garlic and broccoli, is the main ingredient which helps the process. Melanoma, prostate cancer and certain types of leukaemia often weaken ...

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Health Byte: Consuming Walnuts Daily Curbs Prostate Cancer Growth

The University of California-Davis researchers say walnuts or its oil could significantly slow down the growth of prostate cancer, not merely because of its omega-3 but due to the fat content. It was already reported in many research findings that consuming walnut oil helps blood vessel functioning with good cholesterol and removing the bad cholesterol from the body and may help ...

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20 Sexual Partenrs Reduces Risk of Prostate Cancer by 28%, Says Study But Silent on Other Risks

In a highly intriguing research outcome, a Canada-based study showed that men who had sex with more than 20 women had reduced the risk of prostate cancer by 28% compared to those who are loyal to one wife or one partner, unmindful of risks it may pose to AIDS-related risks or sexually transmitted diseases and above all, the damage to ...

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