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2 Indian, 1 NRI, 4 Indian-Origin US Students Among Top 16 in Google Science Fair 2016

  Two Indian students, one NRI student in Saudi Arabia and four Indian-origin students in the US are among the top 16 finalists for the 6th annual “Google Science Fair 2016” and one of them from Banglore National Public School will be a srong contender with his unique and futuristic project on memory recollection framework. Shriyank K. from National Public ...

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Facebook launches new app to help groups collaborate on study projects

Flush with cash and urgency, Facebook has launched a new app aimed at helping teams collaborate on projects, a possible rival to Google’s scholars. Called Facebook Group, the app will help people share information faster and more easily with “all the groups in their life”. Aimed at enterprise collaboration, it can also be useful for student groups as well as ...

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