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Halloween tops Google search trends

In the weeks leading up to All Hallows’ Eve you turn to Google Search to ask these two crucial questions. So with just days left to perfect a costume for yourself, your kid, your pooch or your partner, here’s a look at some of the top Halloween costume trends across the United States. Hair-raising If your costume involves a certain ...

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Google Eyes Entry in India with Ballon-Based Internet, Wind Power Projects

India with more than 300 million Internet users is emerging as the most sought-after destination for global tech giants like Facebook who announced Internet.org in India recently and not far behind, Google has decided to set up its ballong-based Loon project in India to access the remote and rural areas within the ambit of the connected world. Media reports said ...

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Google Plans 180 Geo-sync Satellites to Give Free Global Internet

Cash-rich Google Inc. (NASDAQ:GOOGL) wants to put geo-synchronous communication satellites in space at a low orbit to provide Internet access all over the Earth, eliminating the need to lay wire lines at a cost of $1 billion. The Wall Street Journal said in a report that the mega plan would include 180 high-capacity satellites stationed in low orbit geo-synchronous position ...

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