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Scientists Reveal What Makes Owl a ‘Silent Hunter’ in Night

Owls are known to have excellent night vision and they completely make use of it to seize their prey. Nevertheless, what was unknown was the mechanism behind them being such great hunters. Now a new study has brought forth the refined ‘stealth techniques,’ which owls are fortified with. They silently pounce on preys without the latter’s knowledge. It has long ...

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Narine Undergoes Test again at Chennai, Returns to Kolkata, but skips KKR practice

After undergoing a repeat test for his suspect bowling action in Chennnai, Kolkata Knight Riders’ star spinner Sunil Narine arrived in the city but stayed away from the IPL team’s practice session on Friday as he was yet to get clearance. On Thursday, Narine had undergone the test at the International Cricket Council accredited centre Sri Ramachandra University for his ...

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