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Today’s 5.9M Quake in Afghanistan a Precursor to Bigger One?

A 5.9-magnitude earthquake hit Hindu Kush mountains in northern Afghanistan on Monday, as recorded by the US Geological Survey with the tremors felt as far away as Kashmir and Delhi. The epicentre was 224 kilometers (140 miles) deep near the Wakhan Corridor, the narrow strip between Tajikistan and Pakistan. Just two years ago in 2013, a similar 5.6-magnitude earthquake killed 13 ...

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Countdown Begins for NASA Test of Flying Saucer-like Parachute for Mars Landing

NASA is gearing up to test its long-awaited test launch of the largest parachute ever deployed in the sky with its flying saucer ahead of its possible landing technology on Mars surface in 2017. The flying saucer, not to be confused with the flying unidentified objects (UFO), is named the Low-Density Supersonic Decelerator, and the live telecast is available on ...

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