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ISRO Releases Mars Atlas, Suggests Life on Mars Possible


ISRO celebrated the one year anniversary of its prestigious Mars Orbiter Mission (MOM) in Orbit with the release of Mars Atlas on Thursday. The atlas containing images and scientific data can be downloaded from the ISRO LINK given here. These high resolution images acquired from periapsis show details of various morphological features on the surface of Mars. “The knowledge acquired ...

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New information helps predict future climate change impacts on global tropics

Researchers are collecting new measurements of tropical forests which they hope will help them predict future climate on global tropics and how they should respond to such seasonal climate variations. Researchers at the University of Montana, Princeton University, Stanford University and Rutgers University, among others, are probing tropical forest behaviour. “A better understanding of tropical forest behavior is needed because ...

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New Non-Invasive MRI Scan to Detect Alzheimer’s Early Developed

Scientists have developed a new non-invasive MRI-based scanning method to detect Alzheimer’s disease in its early stages, that was not possible in the traditional imaging method, raising hope that drug makers can now focus on treating the disease at its early stage. The new magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) technology can detect the amyloid beta brain toxins responsible for onset of the disease as ...

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