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NASA: New Horizon Discovers Haze Flowing Ice on Pluto

New close-up images from NASA’s New Horizon spacecraft have found evidence of ice flowing and extended haze across Pluto’s surface, Which reveals Pluto to be an icy world of wonders. NASA’s associate administrator for the Science Mission Directorate, John Grunsfeld said, “We knew that a mission to Pluto would bring some surprises, and now — 10 days after closest approach ...

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NASA’s ‘New Horizons’ Gets Set to Wake up for Pluto Encounter

NASA’s Pluto-bound probe New Horizons spacecraft comes out of hibernation for the last time next month in preparation for a six-month encounter, including a first-ever close flyby of the mysterious dwarf planet on July 14, 2015. Next month’s wake-up call was pre-programmed into New Horizons’ on-board computer in August, commanding it come out of hibernation Dec 6. Work on the ...

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