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‘PK’ goes ‘Lingaa’ way to court amid allegations of plagiarism

One month after the release of Aamir Khan-starrer ‘PK’, a case of plagiarism has been filed against the directors and producers of the film alleging that they have stolen characters, plot and godmen scenes from a Hindi novel “Farishta” published in 2013. “The film’s producer, actor and scriptwriter have stolen the characters, expression of ideas, scenes (sequences) from my novel ...

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‘Modi too shrewd to be derailed by nationalist symbolism,’ says Fareed Zakaria

Indian-American journalist Fareed Zakaria, who interviewed Indian Prime Minister last week, has suggested that Modi is “far too shrewd” to be distracted by nationalist symbolism which would derail his growth agenda and embroil him in unwanted controversies. According to reports, Zakaria is said to be wondered in an opinion piece in the Washington Post if the problem with the new ...

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