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Want to be With Younger Brain? Take Stairs, Be in School, Suggests Study

Moving over from the aspiration to keep the body young, researchers have now focused on keeping the brain younger and their findings showed that taking the stairs improves your brain’s health and that school educations has an immense positive effect on your brain. Researchers led by Jason Steffener, a scientist at Concordia University’s Montreal-based PERFORM Centre, found that the more ...

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300 minutes of physical activity a week saves you from breast cancer

Breast cancer is the leading cause of cancer deaths among women, globally. Medical scientists globally are working every day to cease the negative impacts of the disease, and save lives. However, a new research has shown that engagement by post-menopausal women in 300 minutes (5 hours) of physical activity can save them from both breast cancer risk and obesity, altogether. ...

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Walking, Exercise Helps Elderly to Keep Motor Activity in Tact: Study

For the elderly people, even mild exercises like morning walks and yoga would protect them from the effects of small areas of brain damage that can affect their movement and balancing abilities. Many older people have small areas of damage in their brains seen on magnetic resonance imaging as white matter hyperintensities and higher levels of such damage have been ...

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