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Bellandur Lake Fire: Javadekar Hints at Banning Phosphates in Detergents

When Bellandur lake with froth made news two years ago, there were expert missions which visited the scene and submitted their report. Again two years ago when the waste from garment units mixed into the lake and caught fire due to methane generated inside, the local IISc scientists visited and submitted their report. The outcome remained lukewarm from the local ...

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Watch Today’s Celestial Wonder with Naked Eye as Jupiter Moves Closest to Earth

Today, Indians can watch the biggest planet Jupiter in its closest approach to the Earth and those in the east coast of India from Kolkata to Viskhapatnam will have a brighter sight of the celestial wonder. For sky-gazers, Jupiter (Bruhaspati/Guru in Hindi/Telugu) will appear larger than usual tonight, said the Planetary Society of India. It said the planet will be ...

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