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Voice Patterns May Reveal Hidden Alzheimer’s for Early Detection: Indian Origin Scientist

Researchers have found that the voice patterns reveal more than we think we know, as they point out the imminent danger of Alzheimer’s in future, if it is there. Sona Patel, an Indian-origin researcher in US has embarked upon research to develop a low-cost test to decipher patients with Alzheimer’s just by listening to their voice patterns over the phone. ...

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Cinnamon Health Benefits More But Harms Liver Too: Studies

Cinnamon has been in news recently for its properties to reduce blood pressure, bring down triglycerides drastically and helping in brain-relating diseases at bay. But on the flip-side of it, coumarin present in cinnamon is harmful to liver, say studies. Minus coumarin, cinnamon packs high potency of antioxidants and its antimicrobial properties have been shown to fight strains of E. ...

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