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NASA engineers developing HIAD, new inflatable heat shield technology, for manned Mars mission

NASA researchers have found a way to land future large spacecrafts meant for Mars landing with a lightweight inflatable heat shield similar to a stacking ring used in toys. Engineers from Langley Research Center in Hampton, Virginia are working on the concept of an inflatable spacecraft technology to develop a heat shield that looks larger with huge rings. Known as ...

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NASA Flying Saucer: Will It Help Us Reach Mars Sooner Than Expected?

NASA’s Low-Density Supersonic Decelerator (LDSD) project, known as flying saucer, was tested and a saucer-shaped test vehicle was put into near-space last month from Kauai island in Hawaii. The first of the three experimental flight tests of the project was meant to determine if the balloon-launched, rocket-powered, saucer-shaped, design could reach the altitudes and airspeeds needed to test two new ...

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