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NASA Finds Wind Pattern Change in Stratosphere, Was it Linked to Pacific Decadal Oscillation?

Scientists at NASA were surprised to see major change in wind pattern in the tropical stratosphere after almost six decades later called the quasi-biennial oscillation (QBO), first observed in 1953. QBO helps scientists to understand and predict the weather changes. The current change in QBO was found in December 2015 when the winds coming from west started changing their pattern ...

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Earth’s Surface Temperature Cooling Down as Pacific, Indian Oceans Accumulating More Heat: NASA Study

A NASA study of ocean temperatures from 2003–2012 found that despite increase in greenhouse gases, the global surface temperature is cooling down, a strange phenomenon that climate contrarians term as merely a “hiatus.” The study said one of the leading explanations could be that extra heat was being stored in the ocean. The Pacific Ocean is trapping ocean heat energy ...

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