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Turmeric can help treat oral cancers quelling HPV in mouth

Advocated in ancient Hindu civilization as Ayurvedic medicine, turmeric was known to have boosting powers of immunity earlier, depending upon the digestible form and absorption levels. The familiar yellow spice common in Indian cooking, is now found to helpful in treating oral cancers caused by a virus, says a study co-authored by an Indian-origin researcher. One of the herb’s key ...

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World Lung Foundation Asks Indian Govt to go for Large Graphic ads on Tobacco

The US-based World Lung Foundation has asked the Indian government not buckle under tobacco industry lobby and implement large graphic health warnings on cigarette and tobacco packs immediately in view of Sunita’s revelations. Sunita Tomar, who underwent major surgery for oral cancer came out against tobacco in a Public Service Announcement (PSA) to help prevent others from suffering similar fate. ...

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Ayurvedic Mouthwash Developed to Reduce Pain in Oral Cancer after Radiation

An ayurvedic mouthwash made from herbals helps in reducing the intensity of pain in patients undergoing radiation therapy for oral cancer and was developed, clinically tested and patented by the Rajiv Gandhi Centre for Biotechnology (RGCB). The concotion also combats ulcers and infections, said RGCB director M. Radhakrishna Pillai. “The herbal mouthwash, by mitigating the toxicity associated with radiation therapy, ...

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