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Growing Ears in Boy ‘Miracle’ for Mom But It’s Surgery for Dr. Murthy of Ohio

Dr Ananth Murthy

For Dr Ananth Murthy, it was a tedious surgery, a challenge and competence but for the mother of the 8-year-old recipient, it was a ‘miracle’. The boy, Elijah Bell, was born with under-developed ears, called bilateral atresia microtia, a rare birth defect that affects one in three lakhs. The boy, a second-grade student at Frazer Elementary in Canton, Ohio, had ...

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Want to Improve Your Sperm Quality? Try Having Casual Sex: Study

Man produce healthier and better sperm in a shorter amount of time during an encounter with unfamiliar sexual partners according to a new study. According to an interesting research Men who sleep with a variety of different partners produce better quality sperm and more promiscuous men reach orgasm faster. Also read: Xiaomi’s First ‘Made in India’ Smartphone Redmi 2 Prime Launched ...

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NASA captures fireball on Pittsburgh! What’s it?

NASA cameras last night captured a very bright meteor at the Allegheny Observatory near Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania and the fireball was visible all over New York, Ohio and Pennsylvania around 4:45 am on Tuesday. Here’s a video released by the space agency, which shows a NASA camera located at Allegheny Observatory near Pittsburg, PA and two other cameras located at Hiram ...

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