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Google employee arrested for blackmailing ex-classmate over nude photos

A 23-year-old Google employee, who tried to get nude pictures of his former classmate for use in breast size research and paid her, later resorted to blackmailing her for more nude pictures that led him to jail for allegedly cyberstalking her, a media report said. According to a San Francisco Chronicle report, Nicholas Rotundo, an internal technology employee at Google, ...

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101 Celebrities’ Nude Photos Online Deleted, Hilton Apologizes, Legal Action on Cards

Blogger Perez Hilton, who has hacked and posted 100 nude photos of actresses Jennifer Lawrence and Victoria Justice on his image-sharing website 4Chan, apologized and later removed them with Twitter messages saying sorry. But he has achieved what he wanted, free publicity for his website and some lega notices from the representatives of the celebrities. "I acted in haste just ...

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