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AAP Donations Fallout: Income Tax Dept. to Probe Cheques-Route to Black Money

Income Tax Department has initiated a probe into the issuance of cheques by companies which are acting as entry operators to convert illegal cahs into illegitimate money, after the issue of four companies providing Rs.2 crore to Aam Aadmi Party during the Delhi elections. Income Tax Department said the recent Kolkata probe led to detection of substantial unaccounted income. In ...

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ICANN, Global Web Depository, Hacked; Websites’ Data, Passwords, Staff E-mails Compromised; What Next?

ICANN, the global┬ádepository of Internet websites or domain names, has admitted that hackers have penetrated its systems using “spear fishing” in November and compromised staff e-mails, besides . However, it has clarified that the staff , whose emails have been hacked, did not have access to central data services and assured to beef up its security systems further. ICANN (Internet ...

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