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NASA Embarks on Tracking Hurricanes with Remote-Controlled ‘Global Hawk’

global hawk

Remote-controlled aircraft mimicking an unmanned drone will be sent this weekend to space by NASA in a first of its kind to intensely track and provide forecast of the movements and consolidation of hurricanes on the seas, in an ambitious project named Global Hawk. To be airborne until September, the global Hawk aircraft will fly essentially on the Atlantic Ocean ...

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Ship Wreck off North Carolina from American Revolution Period Found (Photos)

Using modern scanning sonar, oceanographers have found an unknown ship wreck more than a mile deep off the North Carolina coast, with its artifacts indicating the period to the American Revolution period in the late 18th century when a young United States was expanding its trade with the rest of the world by sea. Marine scientists from Duke University, North ...

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NASA Satellite Image Shows Two-Third US Submerged in Christmas Eve Clouds, Snow

The Christmas Eve and following holidays will be mostly cloudy, beset with snow in many places as shown in a satellite image of  NOAA’s GOES-East satellite, that is up there to keep a weather eye for storms that may affect early travelers. The wide-field image created from GOES-East imagery shows two-thirds of the U.S. blanketed in clouds that are bringing areas of rain and snow across the ...

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NOAA: Natural disasters alone caused a loss of $35 billion so far in 2011

Now that North Carolina has begun assessing the loss left behind by Hurricane Irene, a look at how natural disasters devastated the United States economy reveals $750 billion in losses to the nation in the last 31 years. The U.S. has sustained 108 weather-related disasters since 1980 with the total normalized losses  exceeding $750 billion, adjusted to 2011 figures using ...

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